How YouTube Deleted My Account and Gave It Back

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Can YouTube accidentally terminate an account? Like a Steam VAC ban, no one will believe it when you say you’ve done nothing wrong, especially not the axe-wielding executioner known as Al Gorithm, Esq. This is a tale of the strange: or how I learned to start worrying and hate what has become.

It all started one fine Friday night, my arse situated on the couch; one eye glued to my phone and the other to the TV screen, half-watching a movie I can’t quite remember despite it being like a week ago. It was probably shit. I was rudely interrupted by an email from YouTube stating my Maghook Gaming channel had been outright suspended, every video deleted, with no warning. No strikes. Nothing. Sick one.

My heart didn’t sink. I didn’t feel anything. Like I understood this had to happen since it happens to everyone else. I walked over to my PC and confirmed this tragedy of 36-subscriber proportions. All of my Twitch VODs, clips, reviews, gameplay videos, and other dumb shit with no place in this world had been rightfully banished from the cloud.

“What a relief!” said current YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, “That Maghook guy fuckin’ sucked a massive ding dong.” Well, Susan – if that is your real name? – I got my account back, with no warning. No apology. Nothing. Sick one.

Now lemme smash out an elaboration… here’s how it all went down.

June 1, 2018 at 10:24 PM | I receive an email from YouTube stating that, “We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines your YouTube account Maghook Gaming has been suspended.” the reason being that, “After review we determined that activity in your account violated our Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, scams or commercially deceptive content.” Once translated to plain-speaking this basically means I’ve been caught stealing from them.
01 first email suspensionI immediately submit an appeal, saying that I don’t know what the fuck they’re on about. Please explain? A friend suggests I use the “report spam” function in the footer to give them a taste of their own medicine. I laughed. I then do what he suggests and now YouTube has been banned from the internet.
02 second emailJune 2, 2018 at 2:48 AM | In the meantime I consult a couple of people known as “trusted flaggers” who have secret abilities and special access to tools within YouTube. Humans. I check out the YouTube subreddit and see other users commenting that the same thing has been happening to them, for the same reason at approximately the same time. My fucky-sense starts tingling. I leave a comment on a similar topic asking for assistance.
04 reddit postJune 2, 2018 at 9:40 AM | That appeal I sent has had a response from what is obviously a human who has used their human interventional skills to humanly review my case in a human manner. Right?
03 third emailWRONG. DID I ACCIDENTALLY BELIEVE SOMETHING GOOD WOULD HAPPEN? MY BAD. I reply to LightCodeGaming with an update, as you can see abover-er. YouTube Accounts also sent their last two emails to the wrong address, one that hadn’t been connected to the Maghook Gaming channel in a long time… “idk lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” quoth the Head of IT at YouTube.

So, since the appeal didn’t work and you can only do it once, I took to social media. I post to Twitter and Instagram, hoping someone working YouTube’s social media PR will take notice. They don’t. No one did. I’m pretty sure they all just straight up ignore me.

June 3, 2018 at 8:41 AM | Because I suffer from a condition known as Not-Hearing-Back-In-10-Seconds-Gives-Me-Incredible-Anxiety I send out this tweet and the following conversation happens soon after…
twitter ben 01Okay, cool. My nerves are calmed. I can wait this out, I’m sure everything will be okay. No sweat. Over the next few days I try accessing my account and backing up its data with Google’s own archival features. It doesn’t work, I can’t trick the Googz. To make matters worse…

June 6, 2018 at 8:57 AM | YouTube gently grabs a hold of my heart and squeezes.
06 youtube anniversary
I shit my pants in agony. Is this a joke? What kind of sadistic fuck would tease someone like this right after deleting their account?

I post how absurd this is on Twitter, get back to waiting, and then a whole bunch of more weird shit starts happening. LightCodeGaming on Reddit reveals the true reason why I was banned: for posting content with the sole purpose of pushing viewers off of the site. I still don’t know what this means exactly, I assume it’s for including social media and Twitch links in my video descriptions. I later find out what I was thinking isn’t a bannable offense, it’s literally for posting videos telling people to leave YouTube for another site. Gotta keep that viewer retention to watch more clickbait Top 10 lists that go for 10:01 minutes and maximise monetisation, I guess.

I have one video that may have triggered this, after some decrepit rockstars took down one of my VODs with copyright claims, I posted an update saying that people can watch my playthrough on Twitch as YouTube would not allow it to play worldwide. I guess that’s what did it? Seems harsh. That was many months ago though, so why now? TrustedFlagger on Twitter also DM’d me noting that anything like this should only trigger a flag. Three flags and you’re out. I received none. So, what the shit?

June 6, 2018 at 6:10 PM | Things get weirder…
07 copyright claim

K̟̙̙̭I͕̪̠L̶̬̝̣͉̲L͓͕̱̺ͅ ͚̥̕M̵̬̭͇̝E̷̩

The Room Why Is This Happening To MeIt’s at this point I’m mentally destroyed. I honestly believe YouTube is straight up bullying me. I want to cry but I’m currently grocery shopping so I hold it all in my throat. I didn’t feel this bad on the 1 year anniversary of my cat’s death and I still think about him every day. YouTube has made me more upset than dead pets. Congratulations, thundercunts. I post on Twitter saying I will seek legal advice if this doesn’t stop. I go home and mung out on chockies. Guylian.

My fucky-sense goes off again and I check my Maghook Gaming channel once more. It’s fucking back. My account has been restored. Who the what? How? No notification, just a couple of random copyright claims on videos that are months old are rolling in now? Plus, my video manager is all messed up. Some videos aren’t showing up correctly but everything is there when I track them down. I behave as if this is a mistake and immediately start backing up EVERYTHING. It takes a while.

If you need to back up your own crap that no one care’s about hit this link here: download your Google data. Lifesaver. The download ended up being near 300GB, thank the lord for unlimited bandwidth at 100Mbps.

It’s at this points I get back in contact with TrustedFlagger and LCG. Still more confusion as TrustedFlagger can’t see anything wrong with my account either. I get no real answers but I appreciate all they have done as I’m sure their involvement has caused someone at YouTube to pull their finger out and fix their dumb bot from going fucking haywire and slaughtering real, innocent accounts like a shitty Dolores Abernathy.

So, that’s it then? That’s the story of how I was falsely flagged and had my account terminated by YouTube only for it to be restored as if nothing had happened and with no apology. I dunno, should I throw up a [THE END...?] screen here? Maybe. Probably. I don’t trust YouTube any longer. I will no longer upload videos there, I might give Twitch a try but I’m not confident in their uploader and they don’t care to compete with YouTube or even Vimeo.

If this happens to you, or has happened, then you know who to contact. Don’t be a dumb fuck and say you did nothing wrong like I did if you’re obviously stealing people’s content to post in meme compilations, you’re in the wrong. Everything I upload to my channel is content that I created, where any media used was cited, trying my best to use copyright free material, and the majority of footage was fair use under criticism, parody, and just because.

Jesus Fucking Christ what the fuck is wrong with YouTube? This piece of shit website is gonna end up being a cable TV style pay-per-channel streaming service within the next 5 years. I swear, I’ll eat more Guylian chockies if I’m wrong.

Shout out to TrustedFlagger Ben on Twitter and LightCodeGaming on Reddit. You guys rock. I’m sorry that YouTube is so fucking broken that you have to deal with pushy people like me, some who deserve their ban and some who don’t. You guys have mad patience.

Thanks to whoever is reading this blog post. YouTube is legit the reason why I started this blog and I’m writing this at 6:00 AM. The power of absurdity motivates me. Guess I gotta make use of this space now, right? Keep following Maghooked and tell all your friends, relatives, dead pets, and that creepy mall Santa next time you see him. Don’t tell YouTube though, I’ll probably get banned again.

P.S. Fuck YouTube.

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I hope susan diagf.

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