Maghook Recommends

My favourite games, music, movies, television shows, etc. that have stuck with me over the years. I hope some of them will stick to you too. In the case of musicians I will only list my favourite album / song of theirs. Expand each entry for further details. I will continue updating this list so check back for more. You can also follow what I’m listening to and now watching.

Title / Album / Series
Artist / Director / Studio
Link / Trailer / Playthrough
GameBioShock (series)Ken Levine (Irrational Games)Action / Adventure / HorrorUSA some of the best blending of music, story, and philosophy in any video game series
GameThe Curse of Monkey IslandLucasArtsAdventure / Point and ClickUSA of the first point and click games I ever played when I was a kid, still holds up today with the hand drawn animation, voiced cast, and soundtrack
GameDark Souls I & IIIHidetaka Miyazaki (FromSoftware)Action / RPG / HorrorJapan don't speak about II, the others are perfect in their length and mystery
GameThe Good Time GardenCoal Supper2D / Adventure / AbstractUK? drawn animation, original soundtrack, lots of weird nudity
GameINFRALoiste InteractivePuzzle / Horror / Walking SimFinland of control conspiracy theories, very fun and interesting story with insane secrets
GameJet Set Radio FutureMasayoshi Kikuchi (Sega)Action / Sports / RhythmJapan is in its own genre and no one has been able to replicate it since. Legendary music by Hideki Naganuma
GameSekiro: Shadows Die TwiceHidetaka Miyazaki (FromSoftware)Action / Adventure / RPGJapan beautiful art direction and immersive atmosphere
GameStilstandIda Hartmann (Niila Games)Visual Novel / Mental IllnessDenmark is a visual novel set in Denmark about the life of a woman who is so vulnerable and sad and whimsical and funny and impulsive and self-destructive and... I don't know, hopeful? It's just beautiful, okay. I love everything about it
GameThe Sydney MysteryBrendan Reville (Twilight Software)FMV / Point and ClickAustralia bad it's good, also because I lived in Sydney for about 20 years so it's funny seeing a game set there
GameTeenage BlobTeam Lazerbeam, The Superweaks2D / Arcade / Rhythm / AbstractSouth Africa game / music EP release. Really cool and fun and wholesome. Only about 30 minutes long and very replayable
MusicGhost (album)Angharad DrakeFolkAustralia vocalist. How depressing can you get? I listened to some of these songs while I was on the drive to put my sick cat to sleep and I almost fucking died from crying
MusicHoly Ghost (single)Bent KneeIndie / Progressive / ExperimentalBoston, USA vocalist who sometimes sings in Japanese, incredibly powerful voice, god-tier musicans
MusicSilent Flight Parliament (single)Between the Buried and MeProgressive Technical Death MetalNorth Carolina, USA one else sounds like them. Mix of clean and mostly rough vocals and their instrumentation is insane. Sometimes moving into very short segments of surf rock and xylophone breakdowns. They're very fun to listen to.
MusicBlack Hoodie (single)Body CountRap MetalCalifornia, USA co-founded and raps over some pretty dope metal with profound lyrics about current events that show how the world never really has changed since this band started in the early '90s
MusicDark Hair Down (single)Caligula's HorseProgressive RockAustralia clean, tenor vocals. Very grandiose lyricism and dope guitar work. Sound just as good live.
MusicCasualties of Cool (album)Casualties of CoolDark Folk / Ambient CountryCanada between Devin Townsend and Ché Aimee Dorval and it's the best country album I've ever heard, includes sci-fi elements. Black female vocals. The music itself is so pretty and sad and etheral
MusicThis Is the Warning (album)Dead Letter CircusAlternative RockAustralia is my hipster band, I listened to them before they dropped their first album
MusicEntire Discography... but, maybe start with Supercrush! (single)Devin TownsendProgressive Rock / Metal / New Age / Ambient / Sci-Fi Space OperaCanada of my favourite musicians of all time. This guy has done almost everything and I've never been disappointed, I honestly believe if he stopped making music he would wither away and die, it's his obsession, maybe even a coping mechanism as he's been very open with his mental illness struggles. Devin has also collaborated with an extensive list of high-profile musicians
MusicSound Awake (album)KarnivoolProgressive Rock / MetalAustralia 10 progressive albums of all time, not just in Australia
MusicWinter (single)Oceans of SlumberProgressive / Doom MetalTexas, USA female vocalist, quite gothic, closest I've felt to Opeth without being an Opeth rip-off
MusicGhost Reveries (album)OpethProgressive MetalSweden and clean vocals, effortless demonic voice with amazing instrumentals, my favourite Opeth album
MusicFU (single)Sordid Pink (formerly Destiny Potato)Progressive Metal / DjentSerbia vocalist. Sick djenty, off-beat riff. Aleksandra Djelmash's voice has a really nice gravelly texture. Another David Maxim Micic collab
MusicShitstorm (single)Strapping Young LadExtreme Death MetalCanada first experience with Devin Townsend's chaos. After SYL disbanded he mellowed out and became way more complex. Enjoy this complete clusterfuck of noise and emotional screaming.
FilmAnnihilationAlex GarlandSci-Fi / Cosmic HorrorUK / USA one of the scariest monsters put to film lmao. Feels like a Dark Souls movie at times, really quite beautiful and bizarre
FilmHereditaryAri Aster (A24)Horror / DramaUSA will never stop recommending this lmao, probably one of the only horror movies that actually made me stressed out. Toni Collette is a beast of an actress here
FilmOldboyPark Chan-wookAction / Drama / Psychological ThrillerKorea revenge film, my favourite movie of all time. Everything is perfect, including the soundtrack. Part of a loose trilogy comprising Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002), Oldboy (2003) and Lady Vengeance (2005)
TelevisionThe Defiant OnesAllen Hughes (HBO)Documentary / MusicUSA Dr. Dre's relationship with producer Jimmy Iovine started and how they both took on the very stale music industry at the time. Interviews with Eminem, Trent Reznor, and a bunch of other cool people. Pretty fun and interesting
TelevisionO.J.: Made in AmericaEzra Edelman (ESPN Films)Documentary / CrimeUSA the best documentary I've ever seen and I don't even like sports. Incredibly heavy subject matter. Revisits the systemic racism of America's past, O.J.'s rise as a star, the murders, and the imprisonment of O.J. Simpson
TelevisionThe SinnerUSA NetworkDrama / Crime / MysteryUSA 1 is amazing. Maybe even perfect. Season 2 is just as good, featuring Carrie Coon. Season 3 starts strong and turns really boring fast.
LiteratureThe Egg (short story)Andy WeirSci-Fi / PhilosophicalUSA an existential crisis, why not?
LiteratureHouse of Leaves (novel)Mark Z. DanielewskiSci-Fi / Mystery / ExpirimentalUSA quite difficult to read as the words go forwards and backwards across many pages without conventional structure, sometimes there are no words, along with tonnes of references to read along the bottom