Wall of Shame

Here is a list of my regular Twitch viewers who turned toxic (or just couldn’t stop hiding their true nature) and received a permanent ban. I’ve made this page to serve as a warning and to also help others who may be experiencing similar issues. Hopefully their usernames will appear in Google searches as their horrid behaviour deserves to be known. These people were once well behaved, would contribute and donate games, bits, and subscribe but that’s no reason to let these type of people hold power over me or you.

Proceed with caution if you come across these people.


Also Know As: juicyfookboy

Reason: Violating boundaries. Posted unrelated jokes in my Discord’s serious-chat channel right after a memorial post about my deceased cat. I politely asked him to move it to the off-topic channel but he refused and only doubled down, posting more jokes in the serious-chat channel, upsetting me in the process and refusing to apologise. Complete lack of morals and has a “boomer mindset” where anything created after the 2000s is irrelevant to them. Quite difficult to communicate with, doesn’t fit into the community so much as tries to make the community fit around him.


Also Known As: Elliot_Imp, Exiled_Imp, Elliot_Kabong, Elliot_the_Troll, ElliotKabong, ElliotsThinks

Reason: Toxic, hostile, persecution complex. This person has a history of fixation towards female streamers, getting to the point where he tried publicly smearing them online. Once he loses control and the attention of the streamer he’s fixated on he will become jealous and lash out unexpectedly, only to change his username and start the cycle again.

I reached out to him after a lengthy disappearance from another community and from then he was in my channel being an awesome member. Over a year later and his attitude slowly turned sour as he would look to start fights over mundane issues and semantics, make rude and offensive remarks to me and other chatters, and wouldn’t acknowledge or respond when I asked him in private if he was okay and what was contributing to this new attitude.

He ended up blocking me through Discord (unknown to me at the time) and then made one final attempt at being argumentative so I banned him. He’s viewed as borderline sociopathic and has no regard for others and their feelings. Has been abusive, used controlling language, and messaged people in private about what they would do if he killed himself. Once he’s crossed the line and communication ceases he preys on a new streamer and unloads all this history on them as if he’s the victim.

He is a very troubled person, pretends to call for help and when someone like myself does try to communicate with him he just shuts it down. He’s disingenuous, manipulative, and dangerous. Don’t put any energy into him, he’s a vampire for that kind of attention.

Nikko Adolfo Perez

Also Know As: Nikko_San, Bodysnatcher, calicomrade, rere752, myxamatosis1992, bodysnatcherr1, Nikkonik92, and Captainamerica272018

Reason: Pedophile. Spending decades in prison after an FBI operation into child exploitation. No, I’m not joking. I knew this guy for years and had no idea this is who he was until he disappeared for a while and I looked up his name to see if he had died. I wish he did, this is worse.