Wall of Shame

Shameful Viewers

Here is a list of my regular Twitch viewers who turned toxic (or just couldn’t stop hiding their true nature) and received a permanent ban. I’ve made this page to serve as a warning and to also help others who may be experiencing similar issues. Hopefully their usernames will appear in Google searches as their horrid behaviour deserves to be known. These people were once well behaved, would contribute and donate games, bits, and subscribe but that’s no reason to let these type of people hold power over me or you.

Proceed with caution if you come across these people.


Also Know As: juicyfookboy, CatBox, arrowgent

Reason: Violating boundaries. Posted unrelated jokes in my Discord’s serious-chat channel right after a memorial post about my deceased cat. I politely asked him to move it to the off-topic channel but he refused and only doubled down, posting more jokes in the serious-chat channel, upsetting me in the process and refusing to apologise. Complete lack of morals and has a “boomer mindset” where anything created after the 2000s is irrelevant to them. Quite difficult to communicate with, doesn’t fit into the community so much as tries to make the community fit around him.

He wrote this immediately after a memorial post about my deceased cat.


Also Known As: Elliot_Imp, Exiled_Imp, Elliot_Kabong, Elliot_the_Troll, ElliotKabong, ElliotsThinks

Reason: Toxic, hostile, persecution complex. This person has a history of fixation towards female streamers, getting to the point where he tried publicly smearing them online. Once he loses control and the attention of the streamer he’s fixated on he will become jealous and lash out unexpectedly, only to change his username and start the cycle again.

I reached out to him after a lengthy disappearance from another community and from then he was in my channel being an awesome member. Over a year later and his attitude slowly turned sour as he would look to start fights over mundane issues and semantics, make rude and offensive remarks to me and other chatters, and wouldn’t acknowledge or respond when I asked him in private if he was okay and what was contributing to this new attitude.

He ended up blocking me through Discord (unknown to me at the time) and then made one final attempt at being argumentative so I banned him. He’s viewed as borderline sociopathic and has no regard for others and their feelings. Has been abusive, used controlling language, and messaged people in private about what they would do if he killed himself. Once he’s crossed the line and communication ceases he preys on a new streamer and unloads all this history on them as if he’s the victim.

He is a very troubled person, pretends to call for help and when someone like myself does try to communicate with him he just shuts it down. He’s disingenuous, manipulative, and dangerous. Don’t put any energy into him, he’s a vampire for that kind of attention.


Also Know As: K-DOG happy1, kdoghappy1

Reason: Racism, misogyny, prejudice against mental health, conflicting political and personal beliefs to the point I had to place a moratorium in my Discord regarding politics and current events.

Mostly, though, I banned him for the inability to “read the room” and to not stop being racist in my chat, instead taking it as a challenge to continue making generalisations or saying “I could say something racist but I won’t” as if that would earn him praise?

I tried to take it on politely so he’d stop saying these things but it continued for such a long time I just couldn’t tolerate it any longer, especially when his behaviour sends off vibes like “it would be funny if another certain Asian chatter was here to see what I’m saying” like bullying is fun for him. He wouldn’t take multiple hints, or even soft requests to just not say these things so I very bluntly called him out in my Discord about how racist he is and to stop or go somewhere else. He didn’t respond after 24 hours, despite seeing him active online and chatting away in another Discord server, and my main concern then was that he’d ignore me and what I said and continue making derogatory comments so I permabanned him.

He’s also really enthusiastic about calling women bitches and sluts any chance he gets, not even in a humorous way, he will just type it in all caps if there’s a woman on screen during a game I’m streaming or when we watch movies together in Discord when a woman is being romantic, especially if a character in that movie uses those words in any context. He was also quite obsessed with another chatter’s current/former girlfriends, I even mentioned this to him and he brushed it off in a, “yeah lol that’s just how I am” kind of way. Oh, and he admits he wants to move to Japan because the age of consent there is 13… quite worrying and gross. He really fosters an uncomfortable atmosphere and doesn’t seem to understand why he’s pushing people away even after being warned, or plays dumb, or even doubles down rather than apologises when told to stop.

Also, I’m very forward and open about my mental health and having PTSD so the time he stated “therapy is a scam” has never left my memory. He has a lot of growing to do and he can do it somewhere else, as far as I’m concerned.

Hid behind my bot’s text-to-speech script to say the N-word


Also Known As: Katholikos

Reason: Here’s a weird one; this is the first time I’ve been told I should ban the person, by the person, before I even considered banning them. Not only once but three times lol…? I guess he thought I’d be like “oh noooo, please stay it’s not that big a deal” but it didn’t turn out that way. Before you continue just know this guy would often praise me for being a really awesome streamer, that this is his favourite community, etc.

Anyway, this Kulahan guy had a massive outburst triggered by the fact that some of us were talking about buying a cat scratcher, and Amazon was mentioned. He’s made it super clear several times how much he hates Amazon and why but, like, we all know Amazon is a terrible company. You don’t need to remind us every single time we mention Google or Facebook or any big tech company that they are violating your privacy. We. All. Know. You’re not part of a super secret Redditor society where the outsiders are too dumb, so we require your superior intellect to remind us… anyway, during his tirade I offered Kulahan several chances to calm down and be all like “my bad, I overstepped my boundaries” but instead he doubled down constantly so I took him up on his own offer to ban him. Thanks for saving me the guilt, Kulahan!

He loves calling people “retard” a lot on Reddit (see usernames above) which is quite concerning, because he never said it in my Discord or on Twitch (but he would call people bitches or sluts as a “friendly” greeting). It’s a little worrying when someone suppresses their true nature when they are meant to be in a comfortable space but lets it rip wide open in a public forum. I guess he knew deep down he didn’t fit into my community?

Also, he would often shit on everything I liked (all music is trash and Sekiro is the worst game ever made because he was bad at it apparently) and was the kinda guy who would interject with “well actually” when no one asked. He would make negging type comments, like “wow, you used to look hot” or “you should add this feature for when I’m tired of looking at you”… weird guy. Seems to be very angry and must always win, even when there’s no competition being held except the one manufactured in his mind. Incredibly emotionally unintelligent for a 30-something year old. Not sure what happened in the past couple years because, according to his Reddit history, he used to be a very polite and religious man but that suddenly changed when he started posting to 4chan and political type subreddits. Remember kids, don’t do Reddits.

Why would continuing to criticise EVERYTHING, that you admit you don’t know anything about, make me feel better? This happened with a lot of topics

Nikko Adolfo Perez

Also Know As: Nikko_San, Bodysnatcher, calicomrade, rere752, myxamatosis1992, bodysnatcherr1, Nikkonik92, Captainamerica272018

Reason: Pedophile. Spending decades in prison after an FBI operation into child exploitation. No, I’m not joking. I knew this guy for years and had no idea this is who he was until he disappeared for a while and I looked up his name to see if he had died. I wish he did, this is worse.

Shameful Game Developers

Sometimes gamedevs have had emotional outbursts and attacked my character, or made weird allegations, when I’m only doing what I do for every game I play by streaming, making a VOD, and sharing it. I will also leave a review on Steam or itch and go about my day. For some reason, some developers don’t understand this is how life generally works.

I realise that your game is everything to you but, for someone like me who plays and streams hundreds of games a year, it was just another Tuesday. Sometimes my criticisms might be a bit harsh, sometimes the harshness is justified because some gamedevs intend on inflicting harm on the player or they end up breaking every single rule of gamedev because they were too lazy or egotistical to learn them in the first place. Take it on the chin, learn, grow. Don’t ever do what these next examples of poor gamedev-ship show.

Dizzy Media Inc

Just straight up abused the Steam tools to censor my VOD, limiting my account temporarily. Accused me of stalking their game by leaving a review? Context: I noticed there was an update since I still have their game installed, read the patchnotes that literally say “Fixed a few incorrect localization flags (FYI : USA flag is not set to Liberia)” which was a direct callout towards me as I had made that comparison in a video, that the developer had seen and commented on, but even after the update it was still the flag of Liberia lmao! Don’t be like this gamedev who can’t take small criticisms in jest and can’t accept innocuous embarrassment. And especially don’t release a bad game if that’s the case.


Literally all I said was “is that her real voice” when I had to open up a walkthrough to get past a very confusing puzzle. The person’s voice in the walkthrough video was very “kawaii” style and not something I’m used to hearing. I never said anything unwarranted about the game itself but Hamsterspit took this and ran with it to make generalisations and shame me with huge doses of passive aggression. The other developer of this game reached out to me in private to apologise on Hamsterspit’s behalf, so that was nice.

Yoba Games

Either the developer, or someone acting on their behalf, brigaded my Discord and spammed every channel several times with a mutilation GIF of someone cutting their own “cockhead” off. It was kinda funny and gross but mostly annoying. All because I left a negative review for their COCKHEAD game that doesn’t work.